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Institute Of Technology & Management

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In ITM All COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING Students Will be doings Online Trainings internship and projects from IIT Kanpur, COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING Department Will be Guided by IIT Experts The department of Computer Science is renowned of cutting edge research and for imparting state-of-the-art world class education. We attract some of the excellent students and faculty. The department of Computer Science imparts international level training and research. The department provides high standard computing facilities to the students. It also promotes active industry-department affiliation by finding common areas of intrest and taking part in research projects and counsultancy services. Our research exists in the areas of systems, software, networking, database, security, and foundations of computer science, artificial intelligence, robotics, and scientific computing, Besides basic research, interdisciplinary work on applications that stimulate basic research has been undertaking under department of Computer Science engineering. Our Computer Science Department is designed in such a manner that the computer science program orients students toward the pragmatic aspects of computer swcience and provides the learning and practices to make them proficient computing professionals. Engineering is the application of science, hence in computer Science and Engineering ,we study the basic sciences of computer, the term Engineering is involved so that how we apply this in our respective field. Computer Science and Engineering has made advanced leaps and bounds from the early days of abacus which was early aid for mathematical computations. It's only value is that it aids the memory of human perforating the calculation.

A skilled abacus operator can work on addition and subtraction problems at the speed of a person equipped with a hand calculator (multiplication and division are slower). The abacus is often wrongly attributed to china. In fact, the oldest serving abacus was used in 300 B.C by the Babylonians. The abacus is still in use today, principally In the Far East. A modem abacus consists of rings that slide over rods but the older one dates from the time when pebbles were used for counting.

In 1642 Belasis Pascal, at the age of 19, invented the ascalineas an aid for his father who was tax collector. Pascal built 50 of his gear- driven one- function calculator (it could only add) but couldn’t sell many because of their exorbitant cost and because they really were that accurate (at that time it was not possible to fabricate gears with the required precision)

By 1822 the English mathematician Charles Babbage was proposing a steam driven calculating machine of the size of a room, which he called differential Engine. The machine would be able to computer tables of numbers, such as logarithm tables. He obtained government funding for this project due to the importance of numeric tables in ocean navigation. It was hoped that Babbage Differential Engine proved exceedingly difficult and the project soon became the most expensive government funded project up to that point in English history. Ten years later the device was still no where near completion, acrimony abounded between all involved, and funding dried up. The device was never finished, but Babbage was not deterred, and by then he was on to his next brainstorm, which he called the Analytical Engine. These were the first generation computers. When transistors were invented, the size of the computers reduced terribly from the Size of the room to a mere chip of few centimeters. Later on with advent of VLSI, the size reduction came to nearly 1 cm sq. In India after the computer revolution in 1984 by our visionary leader Late Rajiv Gandhi, India has become the superpower in IT Industry services and the world has saluted our progress.

Highlights & Key Strength:
  1. Department has young and highly motivated faculties with good academic experience.
  2. Most of the faculty members presented & published papers at several reputed National, International conferences and journals.
  3. The department is well equipped with laboratories. Department is working on outcome base teaching-learning process.
  4. Department has excellent Student-Teacher ratio as per AICTE Norms.
  5. Department has good number of Placement Summer Internship in Industries is provided to student by department. Department provide collaborative initiative with Industry.
  6. Department has organized CRT, Soft Skill & Teaching Skill development program for student in coordination with T&P Department.
Extracurricular Activities:
  • Seminars/Presentation by students.
  • Articles reviews.
  • Journals reviews.
  • Quiz.
  • Group discussion.
  • Interclass sports.
  • Encouragements for participation in competitions outside college.
  • Getting feedback from alumni.
Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow


Aarti Gupta
Final Year(CSE)
85.3 %

Riya Raj
Final Year (CSE)

Rani Verma
Final Year (CSE)

Artificial Intelligence based Projects for Final Year Students:
Artificial Intelligence Dietician

The online artificial dietician is a bot with artificial intelligence about human diets. It acts as a diet consultant similar to a real dietician. Dieticians are educated with nutrient value of foods. A dietician consults a person based on his schedule, body type, height and weight. The system too asks all this data from the user and processes it. It asks about how many hour the user works, his height, weight, age etc. The system stores and processes this data and then calculates the nutrient value needed to fill up users needs. The system then shows an appropriate diet to the users and asks if user is ok with it, else it shows other alternate diets to fill up users needs.

  • The application also eliminates the travelling cost in visiting a dietician.
  • The usage of this application greatly reduces the time required to get the best diet plan as it is standalone application and there is no danger of one point failure.
  • The android mobile user will not be able to insert or view details if the server goes down. Thus there is disadvantage of single point failure.
Student Information Chatbot Project

A Student bot project is built using artificial algorithms that analyzes user’s queries and understand user’s message. This System is a web application which provides answer to the query of the student. Students just have to query through the bot which is used for chatting. Students can chat using any format there is no specific format the user has to follow. The System uses built in artificial intelligence to answer the query. The answers are appropriate what the user queries. If the answer found to invalid, user just need to select the invalid answer button which will notify the admin about the incorrect answer.Admin can view invalid answer through portal via login. System allows admin to delete the invalid answer or to add a specific answer of that equivalent question. The User can query any college related activities through the system. The user does not have to personally go to the college for enquiry. The System analyzes the question and then answers to the user. The system answers to the query as if it is answered by the person. With the help of artificial intelligence, the system answers the query asked by the students. The system replies using an effective Graphical user interface which implies that as if a real person is talking to the user. The user can query about the college related activities through online with the help of this web application. This system helps the student to be updated about the college activities.

  • User does not have to go personally to college office for the enquiry.
  • This application enables the students to be updated with college cultural activities.
  • This application saves time for the student as well as teaching and non-teaching staffs.
  • It requires active internet connection else error may occur.
The Companies In Which Computer Science Engineers can Be Employed -

Computer Engineers can be employed as software/ Hardware Engineers , web designers and in any IT. Industry dealing with computers and computerized systems.