Director General
Prof. (Dr.) P.N. Singh

B.E.(Mech.) Honers. Grade.IIIE,M.E.E, M.Sc.(TQM),

M.A.(Eco), M.A.(History), M.A.(Public.Adm.),M.L.M., M.A.(Socio),M.A.(DE),M.B.A.(HRM),M.B.A.(OR),M.B.A.(Fin),M.B.A.(Marketing),M.Phil,

M.Sc.(SD), PGDRD, PGDDE, Ph.D(BHU), D.Sc(Ind. Engg),

M.A.(Polt.Sc.), M.A.(Human.Rgt.),M.Sc.(DM),M.A.(Phy & Relig.),M.A.(English), M.A.(Hindi), M.A.(Pop Studies), M.A.(Gandhian Thought),

F.I.E(India),M.A.(RD), M.T.M., C.Engg

Dr. Singh has 36 years experience of Industries in different fields besides of working as Registrar, HOD of ME, MBA and Civil also and has taught about 23 subjects.

He has published no of technical papers. He has been Academic Counselor of IGNOU, External Visiting Faculty in BHU,UP college, SMS Kashi Vidhyapeeth, Director KRS Gonda. He had worked in BHE(Mahanavratan company ) for more 36 year and BHEL/IP unit help as GENERAL MANAGAER Dr. Singh also Chairman in SIDA(State Industrial development association ) in board of advisory committee.

It is ITM future to have such as extraordinary and dynamic person who is not only academically sound but also having a rear combination of human skills along with professional integrity. Dr. Singh is always ready to guide the student to achieve highest professional skills through helping to develop balance EQ.