Director's Desk
Dr. B.S.Rai


Dear Students/learners/aspirants,

CONGRATS with in-depth feelings and WELCOME that you intend or have taken admission in recent but prestigious and professional educational institution, ITM, Maharajganj.

I take this opportunity to quench the thirst of your curiosity and excitement about your career. ITM, Maharajganj ignites the SPARK in you, motivates you to excel, arranges training to make you apply theory into practice, realize your full potential, make you have holistic approach to real life situations, find solutions to real life problems, arranges personality development programs to make you have attractive personality suitable to the requirements of the companies, makes you become day-one performer, invites companies for your selection and so work for your placement depending on your skills, abilities and articulation. Let me tell you that to achieve what is called SUCCESS in life, you shall have to put yourself to hard work with sincerity, dedication and devotion, believe in sincere LEARNING and remain motivated and striving for betterment all the time. Your sincere efforts for keeping healthy, being synergistic and loving learning should be aligned for SUCCESS to happen. Disappointment and frustration of the past should not be hurdles for your present and future. I welcome you to the most wonderful years of your life in ITM, Maharajganj and I wish you all the best for happy learning and developing.