Director's Desk
Dr. S.R. Pandey


Dear Students/learners/aspirants,

I am Dr, SR Pandey M. Tech, Ph. D from IIT kharagpur. Director of ITM group of institutions Maharajganj. Honourable shri binay kr srivastav chairman of itm gr of institutions is very kind hearted and always ready for helping students. He is always trying to make itm and students globally famous. Chairman sir has called me to make itm as world class institution and centre of excellence. I am fully dedicated with complete loyalty to fulfill dream of honourable chairman sir. Now online training, internship and projects will be guided by IIT experts.
I have published many paper in international journal. I have developed chemicals which is working better than foreign chemicals. I have Worked as Senior research fellow in csir project at mats sc centre iit kgp. I have worked as project officer in NML, (CSIR lab) jamshedpur. I have worked at very senior level in very big university . I have also worked as director in many good institutes. Taught directors/ GM/ DGM of gail/ NFL. I will share experience to students. I have very vast experience of administration, results and jobs for students. Itm group of institution is the best Institute in Aktu UP. Itm has excellent infrastructure and labs. My vision is successful career through quality education. Each student of Itm Maharajganj will be success story. Itm has industry focused education. I have following plans for making dream true of itm group of institutions chairman as world class institution and globally famous.

1) SOP/ POP - skill development program- I will start SOP from 1st . I will focus on skill development of students. Each student will be publishing papers. No IIT s/ NITs/ any private colleges are doing these things. So we will be globally famous.
2) Field visit - I will start field visits of students. Our students will be giving new things to the society.
3) Short term courses - I will start industry oriented short term courses. It will help students for jobs.
4) will arrange job fairs
5) Workshops, conference, seminars
6) PDP personality development program. 7.I am Great positive motivator.

I shall ever be pray to honorable chairman sir for giving chance to make itm as world class institution.